An Ásatrú Wedding: A couple of New Yorkers get hitched by Seljalandsfoss.

This week I had the great pleasure of helping another American couple get married in Iceland. It was a slightly bigger event than Devon and Jon’s intimate day but it followed the same principles: helping two people in love make wows to be there for each other till the end. It is such a privilege to share something as personal as a wedding day with two complete strangers and I’m really happy that I was a contributing factor to making this day the success that it was. With rain and all.

The couple wanted a traditional Ásatrú wedding but for those who don’t know Ásatrú is a form of Germanic neopaganism (whatever that means) which builds on old Norse paganism or Nordic Mythology. Even though I studied the Nordic gods at school when I was a child I’m not too familiar with them now and I knew even less about how such a ceremony takes place. Thankfully the priestess invited us to her home and explained everything before the big day. What I think is particularly nice about an Ásatrú wedding is that your religious believes really don’t matter and you have a big say in what happens during the ceremony. Because of that it’s perfect for couples with different religions or who want to do something a little bit different.

The priestess is also a chicken breeder and allowed us to meet some of her friends when we visited her at her home

In short the priestess calls on the appropriate gods (usually Freyja and Figg who are associated with happiness and fertility and such things) and asks them to be present during the ceremony. Nature plays a key role and all of the four elements need to be represented. The couple then make an oath to each other and drink some mead from a horn.Then, if possible, the guests also drink the mead and salute the happy couple. The ceremony as a whole is quite raw and down to earth and there was something really beautiful about it.

The Wedding party being photographed by the waterfall

This particular couple chose to have the ceremony take place at Seljalandsfoss in the south of Iceland. It was really beautiful and the heavy sound of the waterfall and the light breeze coming from the sea made it all the more festive. Even though it rained a little bit the couple and their guests agreed that the ceremony could not have been more perfect.

A semi-private room at Grillmarkaðurinn which we decorated to give a more festiva atmosphere

After the ceremony the bride and groom along with their guests went back to town for a dinner at Grillmarkaðurinn. There they ate, drank and were merry and like at any good wedding they partied into the night. All in all a really good day.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Hi. I have been scouring the web with NO LUCK whatsoever trying to find someone to help my fiancé and me out with our Viking/Asatru themed wedding. Most emails I send out get bounced back with a failure notice. A couple others have gone completely ignored for weeks so far.

    If there is anyone that anyone knows that can help us, please let me know here (or email me if you are the owner of this website).

    Thank you very much.

    1. mm Auður says:

      you are welcome to send me an e-mail to

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