Icelandic Music Daily: Friday Round-Up #01

Recently I stumbled up on a page on Facebook where Lea, a 23 year old girl from Slovakia, posts one Icelandic song a day for her followers to enjoy. She is in love with Icelandic music and just wants to share that love with the world. There’s no pattern or logic to what she posts, although she tries to inform her followers if a new album or single is released, and the only common thread is the fact that all the music is Icelandic.

I really like her project and have convinced Lea to post a round-up of her week here at I heart Reykjavík every Friday from now on – beginning today. So without further ado I hereby present: Lea and Icelandic Music Daily.


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Hi everyone. My name is Lea. Every Friday I will be posting a round-up of music I’ve posted on my Facebook page throughout the week. I hope this will allow more people to come across and share the pure joy of listening to Icelandic music but it will also be more convenient for my faithful followers to come back and listen to the songs again. Hope you will enjoy catching up with us every Friday.

Happy Easter everyone!


March 30th – Friday

Agent Fresco is one of those bands that you can encounter repeatedly on my page. Here is one of their excellent songs.

Agent Fresco: Implosions


March 31st – Saturday

On Saturday Ólafur Arnalds was streaming live his concert with Nils Frahm and after watching that, there was no choice for me but post one of those magnificent pieces of art which Ólafur creates.

Ólafur Arnalds: Hægt, kemur ljósið



April 1st – Sunday

A favourite day of many, the first day of April came, well-known as April Fools. I was looking forward for weeks to posting the funniest video released so far this year in Iceland. Here it is.

Orphic Oxtra: Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof



April 2nd – Monday

Monday’s pick was not inspired by anything else but the fact that the spring is finally in the air and this song is just what I understand under the expression “the sound of spring”.

Mógil: Fellsnes



April 3rd – Tuesday

No reason. Just in mood for Hjaltalín and their playful music.

Hjaltalín: Traffic Music



April 4th – Wednesday

Legend is an electronic pop band and they’ve released their debut album this week. I have chosen the song that matches the album’s name for you to give it a try.

Legend: Fearless



April 5th – Thursday

We will finish up with something full of life and fun this week. Also this is the first time Lára Runars is posted. Because we are trying to introduce you to as many of icelandic musicians as possible.

Lára Rúnars: In Between


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