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As you may or may not have noticed, I’m what you could call knitting crazy. OK, not crazy but I sure do love to knit. I have always specialized in very short projects with big needles and bulky yarn, because I haven’t had the patience for anything else, but recently I’ve fallen in love with knitting Icelandic sweaters that us locals call Lopapeysa. I even accepted a challenge this summer after visiting the lovely ladies over at Knitting Iceland and shared with you the results of trying to knit my very first Lopapeysa. See, told you I was a bit coo coo for knitting.

Even though I haven’t presented a Website of the Week since June,  I though I should share this site with you because it combines two out of my three current passions: knitting and the internet. The third is music.

Design your own Lopapeysa is the invention of a man who lives in the Westfjords with his knit-crazy wife and daughters. They were always drawing patterns on pieces of paper and trying to calculate how many stitches they needed to their Lopapeysa designs, so he just decided to make a website to help them with this. He has a fascination with 3D so to make it fun for him too, he added a 3D picture of what your Lopapeysa will look like so you can check it out from all angles. Thankfully for us, he then decided to share his creation with the world.

Basically you can decide on how big the sweater should be, both in conventional dress sizes and also by your measurements, and you can choose colors and design the pattern of the yoke. The website will then tell you how many stitches you need to obtain the right size, based on the size of needles and gauge you put in.  He has all the different types of Lopi yarn on hand and all the different colors available so once you have decided what you want your sweater to look like, you can just run out to the nearest Lopi dealer and buy your stash. Genius!

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3 thoughts on “Website of the week: Knittingpatterns dot is”

  1. yes says:

    do you know if it is not working on mac at all? i downloaded this silverlight thing and installed it but still, when i on the website sadly the only thing i can do is “click here” to download the silverlight file..

    1. mm Auður says:

      I’m sorry, I’m a PC girl myself so I just don’t know – maybe you can send them an e-mail?

  2. Clare says:

    Thank you for this link! It took a while to download, but it looks as if I could have more fun designing new patterns and forget to actually knit some…

    I have seen these knits before, but only realised how diverse and special they are this week, after a four day visit to Reykyavik (and a couple of tours, which included Alafoss – heaven!).

    This should be a great way for me to double-check what yarns to use, and play with colours, as well as take inspiration from other lopapeysas to design my own. I will definitely recommend this programme to others I know in the knitting community locally. The lopapeysa could suddenly go viral here. 🙂

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