Reykjavík for the knitters: A visit to Knitting Iceland

Today I paid the lovely Ragga from Knitting Iceland a visit during her open house at the Knitting Iceland Head Quarters in Laugarvegur. Basically you can just drop by the office, every Thursday between 2 and 6, and sit down with your knitting needles and have a little chat with whoever happens to be there. You can pick Ragga’s brain about knitting, buy one of her DVDs or get to know about the amazing tours she offers to knitters from around the world. I can think of many worse ways to spend an afternoon.


The Knitting Iceland fabulous knitbike – located outside their office in Laugarvegur


The main reason for my visit was that I wanted some good advice on how to knit a Lopapeysa that I could maybe share with you guys.  I know I’m Icelandic and all and should do this in my sleep but something about knitting a whole sweater scares me. And the yoke, the yoke scares me too.

I came looking for advice but Ragga gave me something even better – a copy of her Knit your own lopapeysa DVD. Not only that, she also gave me a copy to give to one of you guys. Exciting!


Now you can knit your very own Lopapeysa too


Even though Ragga probably didn’t intended it that way, I’ve decided to look at this gift as a challenge. No longer will the fact that you have to knit TWO sleeves scare me away from knitting one. No longer will I have nightmares about loosing the count in the yoke part and accidentally knit some very naughty pattern . Yes good reader – I’m going to knit my very own lopapeysa!

I will report on the progress on my Facebook page so if you want to know how it’s going you should head on over there and like me instantly. That way you won’t miss a single step of the process (how you can contain yourself is beyond me).

In the next couple of weeks I might be joining Ragga at one of her tours or one of her evening seminars so this is probably not the last you will hear of Knitting Iceland. Don’t you just love knitting?

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