Pretty photos of Reykjavík

I spend a lot of time on Google looking at what people are saying about Reykjavík. Usually I don’t find much of interest – a photo here and a tweet there. Today however I found the blog of a Brighton based illustrator called Kristina who seems to have visited Iceland earlier this year. It was not so much what she was saying as much as she was showing, namely gorgeous photos of Reykjavík and all the places she visited while in Iceland.

The green jealousy monster always comes up when I see photos like hers because I just don’t know how to take photos like that (or any of the photoshop magic tricks photographers like her use to make their photos so extra shiny). What I particularly like about Kristina’s photos is how magically colourful they are.

Below you can find a sneak peak of her work but you should really visit her blog and see all her Iceland photos.


photo from Reykjavík



photo from Reykjavík



I actually rather like her illustrations too so that’s an extra bonus. If you know about more blogs or photographers you think others would enjoy, send me message through my contact page and I’ll share it with the world.

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  1. Fiona says:


    I recently visited Iceland (Reykjavik) too – really impressed by the street art too – this is what I caught on camera:

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